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Unique champagne experiences

Experience Champagne

Pursuit of Champagne aims to take you on a journey of Champagne with individual tours for the lovers of Champagne who would like their own tailored experience. We also bring you the essence of Champagne to you, with unique champagne events hosted in Australia.

champagne events

Join us for events that highlight Champagne and food pairing. Also offering corporate tastings and events.

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Current Producers

Champagne Camille Savès

Family Growers since 1894 situated in the Grand Cru terroir of Bouzy in the Montagne de Reims. Vineyards also in Grand Cru village of Ambonnay and Tours-sur-Marne. Producing stunning cuvées with elegance and freshness, complex depth and long saline finish. Holding 11ha of vineyards and practicing sustainable viticulture for over 30 years and holding HVE certification.

Champagne Marcel Moineaux

Family Growers producing their own champagne from 1942, bottling only a small percentage from their 6.3ha of vines with an average age 50 years, situated in the Grand Cru village of Chouilly in the Cote de Blancs. Practicing sustainable viticulture. Showcasing 2 cuvées.

Champagne Serveaux

Family Growers since 1950 owning 15ha of vineyard, mainly located in Passy sur Marne. A large portion of the estate is located mid-slope, nestled on the bank of the meandering Marne River, with full sun exposure. The vines of theDomaine spread over two terroirs, Passy and Barzy, and divide into 50 parcels. The Domaine has been practicing sustainable viticulture for many years achieving HVE (High Environmental Value) certification. They sell a part of their production to the trade and keep the best grapes for their estate-bottle production.  Showcasing 2 cuvées.

Visit and experience champagne

Experience the beauty, history and people that are passionate about their terroir and their unique style of champagne.

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Upcoming events

Let me share my passion for champagne

As Founder of Pursuit of Champagne, I have always had a passion for champagne and the broader wine industry.

Hailing from the third generation of a Barossa cooper’s family, I spent my childhood in the cooperage and earning pocket money in the vineyards with my maternal Grandmother. Over my formative years I developed a good understanding of the fundamentals of the craft of barrel making and its role in maturing of wines and also the terroir and viticulture in the Barossa Valley.

This love for the wine industry has given me experience being involved in PR in wineries and administration in restaurants, to then managing my own business ventures in catering, owning and operating high end accommodation, to planting, training and managing 3.5ha of Riesling in Eden Valley along with other business ventures; all while enjoying great champagne paired with delicious food and company.

My love of Champagne over the past 20 years has lead me to visit Champagne many times and gain an understanding that it is a place like no other where business and brand cannot be separated from the cultural history and social fabric of the region. This has driven me to pursue my passion with many Masterclasses and now undertaking Masters of Champagne with Wine Scholar Guild.

I am excited to share this passion with you and look forward to sharing stories and creating new ones as we explore the world of Champagne together.

Wendy Rohrlach